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AAA Bail Bonds of Florida

Located in southern Lakeland on Highway 98 just north of Polk Parkway.  For bail bonds in Bartow, Lakeland, Winter Haven, and surrounding areas.  We are available 24 hours a day to meet your needs.  Notary public services are also available.

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  • Agent: Todd Curtis
  • Phone: (863) 602-1228
  • Address: 1137 Bartow Rd, Ste 202 Lakeland, Florida 33801
  • email: aaabbfl@outlook.com

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Bail Bonds Basics

Following arrest, rather than waiting in a cell for days or weeks until trial, an individual facing charges is often given the option to make bail (pay an amount ordered by the court).  A bail bond allows the individual to be released until their next hearing.

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  • How much is required to post bail?
    • In Florida, a 10% non-refundable service fee is required (or $100 for bonds under $1000).
  • Do I need to provide collateral?
    • For smaller bonds, collateral can be as little as a Promissory Note and Indemnification Agreement.  For larger bonds, collateral can be anything of value.
  • What are the primary stipulations of a bond (rules of the bond)?
    • All information provided by clients must be true and correct.
    • Accused cannot be re-arrested.
    • Accused cannot leave the jurisdiction of the court, or change their primary residence without first obtaining permission from the court/bondsman.